How the Current Pandemic Affecting our lives?


How the Current Pandemic Affecting our lives?

We all are facing a Global Pandemic from past 3 months. It’s a modified virus with no cure so far that we’re all inevitably afraid of the unknown. It’s spreading like a wildfire, it’s closing down big cities that are expanding all over the world. We ‘re trapped in our homes. In these worries, however, cannot we find a single positive effect? So if we look at things from a different perspective, we might consider aspects that will change our mind of what is going on now.

As states around the world take steps to avoid COVID-19 spread, this pandemic will certainly have far-reaching consequences, both on public health and on significant economic impacts. As always, the most vulnerable are disadvantaged and oppressed people without enough safety lines.

It is also best to follow a healthy lifestyle under all conditions, to prevent the bad habits that harm our health and the environment. Nevertheless, until this new outbreak, many have not committed themselves seriously to these healthy habits; it is a positive step towards a new life of good , healthy habit.

The news of large closing airports and the cease-fire airlines in most countries has been reported; all of these grounded aircraft consumed thousands of cubic meters of harmful fuels. In many major cities , public transport was also stopped; thus pollution was significantly reduced.

How our life is affected by it?

Let us discuss in details how our lives are being affected because of Covid-19:

  • Gatherings

The majority of the States that enforce any kind of domestic order are forbidden from holding public meetings of any kind.

Many festivals have been postponed and in many countries restaurants and bars have shut doors, only pick-up or delivery is permitted.

The grocery store, where customers frequently queue outside, is one of the few locations where crowds are forming as supermarkets have introduced new policies limiting the number of people inside.

  • Economy

The IMF warned that the world should be prepared for the most serious economic downturn since the Great Depression. In the meantime, the US has hit enormous numbers of unemployment. During three weeks late March and early April, more than 16 million people lodged weekly unemployment claims. Some experts say that the number of claims can only get worse as firms start to shut down and the pandemic still affects the US labor market.

  • Social Life

The call to stay at home has certainly had a significant social impact on people; family members in a household who had previously met by chance are now expected to remain together for a long time. This can have a great positive effect on strengthening family ties and bringing families together while staying at home and avoiding leaving.

  • Education Sector

Education sector is also being greatly affected by the global pandemic. Children are not going to their schools, colleges, universities and they are lacking behind their schedule.  But now the situation is getting much better. Almost everything is online now so is education.

  • The Wrap  Up

The Global Pandemic has affected almost everything in life. It is very important to take care of yourself and your loved ones by staying home and working and even studying from home.  Hope we’ll soon get out of this tragic phase!


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