Yoga Poses to practice during Pregnancy

Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses to practice during Pregnancy


When you know that you’re pregnant, it naturally is overjoying. However, it is not as easy as it sounds in the head to grasp a child.

The mother begins to feel more pain and discomfort as the pregnancy progresses. This is also the case, because the newly born mother rapidly becomes more weighty. However, this weight is not really used to the body. The first quarter of pregnancy is particularly painful as you feel nausea, exhaustion, for the first time in the morning. The tissue and organ develops from within, sap your energy. This duration is essential.

You know the new life which is so relaxing within your womb.

It is also necessary, before engaging in any rigorous yoga class, to consult the yoga professor and doctor, as certain poses can prevent blood flow into your uterus and lead to muscle sprains or spasms.

Take a look at some of pregnant women’s most effective yoga poses:

  • Warrior Pose

Warrior pose strengthens the muscles of a pregnant woman and stabilizes her body. The arms, back, bowl, middle, core muscles, quads , hamstrings and ankles are extended.

The widening of your blood chest also has consequences for heart muscles, lungs and other associated organs, which increase the flow of oxygen in your blood. Stream of nutrients, cells and hormones.

The core muscles are stressed so that the abdominal organs are extended straight forward. It also helps to treat digestion-related issues, including bloating, nausea, indigestion, etc. It is done daily to popular the volume of abdominal fat.


  • Bridge Pose

The bridge position stretches the thorn, collar and back and strengthens the legs. It is aimed at facilitating digestion, brain calmness and stress relief. A block below the sacrum to shift the location into a restored edition.

Lie on your back and raise your knees a few centimeters away from your hips with his feet and his toes. Your knees should be parallel to your knees and your knees at the hip distance. Place your arms on your sides and feel like you can graze with your fingertips on your skin.


  • Child Pose

The child is a relaxing pose In pre-natal yoga . Using it to concentrate on respiration, to breathe deeply and to relax between work and peace while yoga is taking place. A safe yoga promotes healthy , happy and pregnant women throughout the pregnancy. It’s a restful spot. Return and mind relax. The best thing is that your belly is not under pressure. This asana also flexes stimulates the internal organs. It also removes accumulated muscle tension and stimulates blood circulation. It helps to combat dizziness, exhaustion and nausea in the first trimester of pregnancy.


The wrap up

Pregnancy is one of the best experiences of life. This is a mixed emotional group and a test. You feel pure joy and true love for something that is part of you and the man you love.

Don’t get trapped in your hormones, feelings, and pain. You can sail through your pregnancy using Yoga – not just fast, but also the much endangered task. Practice these poses and enjoy healthy pregnancy with your doctor’s consultation!



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