Neuralink, Elon Musk’s Brain Chip

Neuralink Elon Musk’s Brain Chip

Everything you need to know about Elon Musk’s Brain Chip

• Introduction:

The world is becoming closer and radical towards seeing technological advancements as the only way out of what we are facing and predicting since the global age has come into existence.
Many entrepreneurs have come and go, but a name has given the technological industry a massive change. With his achievements, we are now seeing the imagination coming into reality, thanks to Elon Musk.
Before starting to talk about his achievements, let us take a closer look at who Elon Musk is and what he has done to make the world a global, better, and informative place with the work he has pulled off and has done so far in his life.

• Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is an entrepreneur who was born in South Africa and has obtained the American nationality a few years back. He is the person behind the electronic payment firm named as PayPal, which is a massive success in itself and has helped not only industries who believe that electronic payments are secure than the non-electronic ones but also have helped the world of freelancing by making sure that everything is better and helpful for sellers and buyers, respectively.
Elon Musk not only originated the idea of PayPal, an electronic payment firm but has also pulled off a company which he has cofounded named as Tesla Motors which is becoming more popular as it is providing self-controlled, self-driven, and electric cars that help in not only people’s health but also protect the environment with the better ecosystem and greener future.
He is also becoming popular because of his ambitions. He named SpaceX as he has collaborated with NASA for a deep-space project, which has helped the scientists discover new dimensions and species in outer space with getting to know other planets galaxies with faster equipment and better technology.
Elon Musk became a sensation with his achievements, and now he is off the mark once again as he is trying to introduce a brain implant chip, which he calls Neuralink. Many scientists think it is impossible, but many researchers have proved it possible and work in a few years.
This article will discuss everything that I can about the Neuralink brain implant chip with my knowledge.

• Neuralink – What is its origin? Why do we need Neuralink?

Technology is becoming more advanced and helpful to people. Many scientists think that they are still behind in making such productive advancements as the brain cells are faster and impossible to achieve its speed and working phenomenon, no matter what technology the science can pull off or give to its people.
But, thanks to the idea pulled off by Elon Musk – He has stated that it is possible that we can make brain cells work with collaboration and make such a chip that we can implant into the brains of the people so they can produce results faster and can achieve the greatness that they are destined to.
As we are familiar with the working phenomenon of technology and we have introduced ourselves to it when we saw The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves in which we saw how the brains could work if we can implement the technology in such a way that it helps the brain functioning and producing larger, better, and faster results that are easier to understand even if it is passing through the speed of light.
However, many of us think that it is still a hoax, that it is impossible to do so but, Elon Musk has given us a demo or a presentation of a working neuron firing brain implanted chip that is working but, he is trying to launch a V2 of the same chip that is better, faster, and provide more secured environment than the one he has introduced to the world.
Although many of us think that brain implantation is difficult, Elon Musk has said it. We now believe that the device he will inaugurate will help in faster and better calculations and help in easier and secured brain implant surgeries.
Neuralink is becoming more popular after its introduction to the world and the information that the world of technology is giving us, connecting the dots to the Neuralink and its working phenomenon.
Here, let us briefly discuss how the Neuralink will work and the Neuralink brain implantation surgery outcomes and its aftereffects.

• The Working of Neuralink. Is it better or bitter?

If someone thinks that Neuralink is a big device like a headphone or a speaker, then it is wrong to predict it as such a big device. By the words of Elon Musk, it is a tiny computer chip that the brain will connect to using the electrode wires.
It will work as a signal generator that the brains will catch through the chip and generate them as motor controls. Those who are familiar with the neurons and how the brains work will know that a chip may generate signals which will then provide the brain with such information that the brain will catch as motor signals and then produce a result with the help of Neuralink.
In other words, Neuralink will generate signals in neuron firing technique as brains are neuron-based and can only understand the language of neurons. It will provide the information in neurons so that the chip will translate them into motor signals and help in faster, secured, and better communicative results.
Now the question arises whether if the solution of brain implanting a computer chip is better or bitter? Well, the answer is what we are going to discuss in the section below.
As far as the human brain is in concerns, the human brain is working perfectly without any instrument to help it or to make it work faster as we can understand it with the help of many scientific calculations, the human brain is the fastest technology available in the world if we compare it to the today’s computer chips.
However, if we are talking about making the human brain assist us in making decisions, providing solutions, and bringing change to the world of technology, then the solution that Elon Musk has given is one of the most productive, better, and secure than any other available in the market.
Why? Because it will help achieve such goals that one person cannot achieve without the help of technological advancements. Even in the words of many scientists and neurosurgeons, Neuralink will also help restore the specific movement of such spinal issues that someone has injured during a severe accident and help them control the tremors or the issues they have been facing since the accident has taken place.
Although many think it is impossible to achieve such a goal that the human brain will provide such phenomenal change, if we think that the Neuralink is the only one available in the market as the solution, then we are wrong.
Those who think it is bitter have their reasons as they are not giving the brain implantations a chance to give the energy, the manifestation of technology, and the provident change that can help make the world a better place but, to some extent, they are right too.
But, if we talk about technological advancements without taking neurology into account, we are going to neglect the advancements of such devices, such as brain-controlled arm, brain-controlled wheelchairs, and even the thought typing that has helped many of the people in giving out the message that they have tried to, without using the neurology and artificial intelligence together.
As we talk about neurology and technology together, we are neglecting the name of one such personality that has given us the theory of everything – Mr. Stephen Hawking. He was a disabled person, the one who cannot talk and cannot move, but, thanks to the scientific research and his studies that they made a device that helped him in speaking out his thoughts even if it is through the neurological connection to the speaker that the scientists have used so he can talk, and give lectures, inspirational stories, and much more.
Elon Musk is not the only person who has tried or is trying to connect the neurology with artificial intelligence. It is in the works for so long that we have neglected it, and now when it is becoming a reality, we are giving the credit to Elon Musk only.
However, the work of Elon Musk has achieved more success, and that is the reason behind why everyone is giving the credit to Elon Musk, thanks to his work, ambition, and his team in pulling off an impossible task that is making such a brain implantation chip that will allow its users to make better and faster calculations with effective results, respectively.

• The Conclusion, Is it a success or not?

Although Neuralink is going to be a massive success as we are only thinking of it as a device that the neurosurgeons will implant with the help of advanced technology. The one thing that we are neglecting through all of this process is understanding the device and the biological connection of the brain with the chip, whether if the brain is going to connect itself with the chip or not.
The best and foremost example of such explanation given in the above paragraph is of a movie named as Pacific Rim, in which we have seen tremendous examples of how a brain works in a neural connection and how it can be disastrous if it is not in a properly synced connection with the other person or the machine.
The same example fits in this context that the chip must need to connect or sync itself with the brain perfectly so that it can produce effective results with faster calculations; however, if it fails in making a perfectly synced communicative medium, then the chip or the brain can provide dysfunctional behavior, as well as, such adhesive results that can lead to bigger disasters for what purpose you are using it or have used it respectively.
The conclusion to this matter is simple and complex at the same time because we cannot predict what is coming for us by the hands of Elon Musk or have come to us through the minds of such entrepreneurs that are trying to make this world a better place using technology and human race cooperatively and by using parallel measures.
The only conclusion of this article or the information that I have provided so far is that Neuralink is a device, and the people must treat it as a device. As many of us start to abuse the technology by adapting to the working phenomenon and seeing the abrupt change to the human behavior while using the device, while we are it, we are neglecting the fact that it can malfunction in the early stage of its development or beta versions.
As Elon Musk has said itself that there is a better version “V2” coming sooner, but, before that, the company behind the development, manufacturing, and implementing of such brain chips are going to take trials before making this device reachable to any of the human available on this planet.
This means that the company restricts the people from using it before removing all the malfunctions, all the errors, and all the issues because it is not something that you will play with as it is a human life. You are processing towards it using the brain of a human and making them install a chip into their brains to discover new dimensions of calculations and predict better environments and produce effective results.
Elon Musk is a promising entrepreneur as for now, he has given us all the things that he has promised in recent years, and for now, he will give us a device that you can install in your brains and work with it cooperatively. However, many of us are thinking that we will use it sooner, but it will not happen lately because Elon Musk is a man of ambition, and we know it as his SpaceX project took more than ten years to become a reality.
This is the same as it concerns human life and the most important part of the human body, the brain – the project will take more than ten years to become a reality. Therefore, we can see the improvements, dysfunctional behaviors, and many more during the implementation of such chips into human brains. Simultaneously, the company conducts the trial and can give better results with advanced technology and better human behavior.
SpaceX, Tesla, and now Neuralink – Elon Musk is a person of interest into more and more advanced technology, and thanks to his mind and philanthropist nature, he is becoming popular, more liked, and more followed personality not only on social media but in the world of physical existence too as he is making the impossible, possible with the mindset and the success that he has earned through his entire life.
Neuralink will be a success, too.


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